What is Family Therapy?


The family is a system that works as a whole and the conflicts of an individual family member are most typically a reflection of some conflict within the family system. For example, it is difficult to treat adolescent problems without also addressing problems that likely underlie the supporting family structure.


Each person has their own issues that often play out within the family – and family therapy can help address these issues.


As with all relationship dynamics, certain roles within the family may have become so habitual or ingrained that the surrounding conflicts may be obscured. For example, a domineering father may fail to notice that his way of relating interferes with having close relationships with his children. Similarly, children may have learned manipulative, aggressive, or self-devaluing behaviors in an attempt to fit in with family dynamics.


In family counseling the therapist helps the family – both individually and as a unit – become aware of subtle dynamics that may be the source of persistent tensions and power struggles.


Family Therapy can help address many concerns, including...


  • Realities and problems of blended families.
  • Children adjusting to school or handling learning problems.
  • Child Behavioral Problems.
  • Adolescent peer group issues.
  • Couple and Family Distress and Conflict.
  • Family Adjustment to Divorce.
  • Parenting Skills.
  • Couples Communication.
  • Intimacy Concerns.