Our Story

Our agency was started in December, 2008 by Peggy Smith-Puckett. After working for several years at another agency, Peggy decided to branch out on her own initially opening an office in her home. The business grew and when three other therapists decided to join the company it became clear that a bigger space was needed. Office space was rented in downtown Glasgow and the company continued to grow. We now have five six full-time therapists and one part time therapist.


As an agency, and as individual therapists, we are driven by a desire to help individuals and families work through life's challenges whether they are struggling with a relationship problem or challenged by a severe mental health diagnosis. Each of our counselors both lives in and works in the local community. As members of this community, we have a strong desire to help all community members to succeed in their lives, which also enriches all of our families, our communities, our state, our nation, and our world.


The primary mission of Puckett Counseling Services, LLC is to empower people to find effective ways to meet their emotional needs both individually and within the family. We are committed to the goal of promoting the welfare and dignity of all persons who are consumers of our services. Services are designed to provide meaningful assistance to the individual in acquiring and maintaining those physical, mental, and social skills which will enable the individual to function most effectively with the demands of his or her own person or environment. Respect for the dignity, rights and uniqueness of the individual in the least restrictive and most appropriate community setting is highly valued.